Lancaster YAB is an organization built by young adults and several Lancaster organizations who want to make Lancaster a nice place for everyone to live. The Youth Action Board consists of these wonderful members!

Donovan Arnold

is a dynamic individual whose interests span the creative realms of art, encompassing graphic and digital art, anime, and music. As a fervent LGBTQ+ advocate, Donovan actively engages in supportive protests and tirelessly champions for the community’s rights. Drawing from personal experiences, Donovan possesses a profound understanding of young adult homelessness in Lancaster, PA, and the foster care system, driving his dedication to finding innovative solutions to these pressing issues. Additionally, Donovan is a passionate advocate for disability and mental health awareness, working tirelessly to foster inclusivity and support. Notably, Donovan is a founding member of the Lancaster Youth Action Board and has recently collaborated on legislative visits with representatives, showcasing his commitment to effecting change at both the grassroots and policy levels. Through his involvement, Donovan has found empowerment and growth, even overcoming social anxiety, as he forges connections with fellow advocates and professionals, embodying his unwavering passion for community engagement and service.

Ashley Stafford

Ashley is a Youth Action Board founder and YAB Mentor. She has lived experience being homeless on and off again over the course of her life. Her experience is a valuable asset for Lancaster YAB and the young adults she mentors. Ashley is a business consultant for Tranquil Business Solutions and built this website! Ashley is also a massage therapist and has a private orthopedic massage practice, Tranquil Therapy Wellness.