Lancaster YAB is an organization built by young adults and several Lancaster organizations who want to make Lancaster a nice place for everyone to live. The Youth Action Board consists of these wonderful members!

Donovan Arnold

is a dynamic individual whose interests span the creative realms of art, encompassing graphic and digital art, anime, and music. As a fervent LGBTQ+ advocate, Donovan actively engages in supportive protests and tirelessly champions for the community’s rights. Drawing from personal experiences, Donovan possesses a profound understanding of young adult homelessness in Lancaster, PA, and the foster care system, driving his dedication to finding innovative solutions to these pressing issues. Additionally, Donovan is a passionate advocate for disability and mental health awareness, working tirelessly to foster inclusivity and support. Notably, Donovan is a founding member of the Lancaster Youth Action Board and has recently collaborated on legislative visits with representatives, showcasing his commitment to effecting change at both the grassroots and policy levels. Through his involvement, Donovan has found empowerment and growth, even overcoming social anxiety, as he forges connections with fellow advocates and professionals, embodying his unwavering passion for community engagement and service.

Ashley Stafford

Ashley is a Youth Action Board founder and YAB Mentor. She has lived experience being homeless on and off again over the course of her life. Her experience is a valuable asset for Lancaster YAB and the young adults she mentors. Ashley is a business consultant for Tranquil Business Solutions and built this website! Ashley is also a massage therapist and has a private orthopedic massage practice, Tranquil Therapy Wellness.

Empowering Voices, Transforming Lives: 

At the heart of societal change and advocacy lies the Lancaster PA Youth Action Board (YAB), a beacon of hope and a catalyst for transformation in the realm of youth homelessness. Born from the raw, lived experiences of its young members, YAB is not just an organization; it’s a movement, a collective outcry against the harsh realities of youth homelessness.


Our mission is bold yet simple: End youth and young adult homelessness. We achieve this through active listening, advocating, and engaging. Our approach is simple – echoing the voices of the unheard in the corridors of Lancaster county. As well as, enlightening the community through thought-provoking workshops and creating art that doesn’t just capture attention but educates. 

A Range of services:

Art- In a unique blend of advocacy and art, we channel our creative energies into media exploration and art education. Our initiatives range from chalk art campaigns, with subjects in addiction and loss, to potential vigils that not only mourn but also educate and empower.

Our commitment extends to offering a variety of services tailored to the multifaceted needs of homeless youth. From public speaking at events about recovery and mental health to workshops on how to safely use narcan. Other workshops include implementing active listening when addressing youth homelessness. Presentations on how to speak with youth for collaboration without infantilizing or Surviving homeless with a disability. Our youth have inspiring stories they want to share! In the spirit of youth centered collaboration our speakers and workshops have an affordable hourly rate that goes directly into keeping the YAB sustainable. 

Our actions are as diverse as the challenges we tackle. We work towards partnerships with organizations like Hope.Inspire.Love, amplifying our impact through collaborative wisdom. This also allows for a sustainable way to maintain youth voices in our community. If you are an organization and want to work with us please fill out an application form and we will respond shortly!

Central to our ethos is the belief in the power of community. We envision events that bridge gaps – art events that transform city walls into canvases of change, collaborative projects that bring together homeless youth and their peers in creative endeavors, and educational booths at events like Pride, turning every opportunity into a platform for advocacy and awareness. We have weekly meetings and on the last wednesday of the month we invite other organizations to attend. They can listen, contribute, and offer resources so we can work together. 

Our Vision:

Looking ahead, YAB is not just about addressing the present; it’s about reshaping the future. We dream of a world where youth homelessness is not just alleviated but eradicated, where the stigma attached to homelessness is replaced with empathy and understanding. Our long-term goals are clear – better services, affordable housing, a deeper understanding, and a society where every young person has a stable, successful life.

Join Us: Be Part of the Change

As we reach out to potential partners our message is one of collaboration and hope. Our value statement is underpinned by a commitment to dignity, empowerment, and inclusivity. Join us in this noble endeavor. Together, we can turn the tide on youth homelessness and write a new chapter for the young lives we serve.

-The Lancaster PA Youth Action Board